Lafayette High School
Wildwood, Missouri

Operation Food Search
At the beginning of each school year, students of the sophomore class start the arduous task or organizing a building and community-wide food drive that takes place in October. Until this school year, the drive was focused mostly as a competition among grade levels and brought in approximately 2,500 cans. This year, the students dedicated themselves to extending the drive to the community and enlisted the help of freshman, junior, and senior leadership groups. Together they brainstormed ways to gather as many food items as possible for the pantry. The students involved classes in service-learning aspects (estimating the amount of cans needed to cover ten yards of the football field, counting calories, etc.), collected food products and donations at sporting events, and went trick-or-treating for canned goods in local neighborhoods. Each day, the food was brought into the commons and displayed for the students to see. At the end of this year's food drive, the Lafayette student body and community had donated over 16,000 food items for our local pantry and over two hundred dollars in cash donations.

Main Contact
Mrs. Mandy Lewis
Assistant Principal