Langtree Elementary School
Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Hearts for the Homeless
Our school-wide practice engages our student body in collecting essential items each month for HomeFront, a non-profit organization that provides shelter for the homeless. Our school has had the opportunity to learn character values and develop a sense of humanity and diversity by participating in our program. A guest speaker provided our students with an inside view of what it is like to be homeless. Our students have displayed self-motivation to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. Our program has allowed students to utilize all six pillars of character by understanding and taking action to assist the homeless. In December we had a giving tree in which Langtree students, staff and families donated over 70 toys to homeless children. Our assistance to the shelter is an ongoing process. Our school is decorated with hearts to remind our Langtree family that our hearts are open to diversity and personal growth. I wrote a book entitled: Hearts for the Homeless. It was illustrated by our art club. The book was written for our program. It describes homelessness with the message that strong moral values and character are the foundation for humanity.

Main Contact
Mrs. Julie Smith