Liberty Corner Elementary
Liberty Corner, New Jersey

"Luke's Buddies" -- Character in Action
Nine fifth grade boys were hand-selected to work with a Special Education student who has Down's Syndrom to help distinguish inappropriate and noncompliant behaviors. The boys were selected on the merits of their character development, tolerance, understanding, and patience. The Principal and Assistant Principal presented the "Luke's Buddies" proposal to the boys explaining the expectations and how to work with Luke's challenging behaviors. It was emphasized that participation was voluntary and not mandatory. However, each boy enthusiastically agreed to participate understanding that he would be expected to give up recess and lunch once a week according to a rotational schedule. Letters of explanation and permission were sent to the parents who also enthusiastically embraced the opportunity for their sons to experience an opportunity to selflessly provide Luke with support and encouragement.. One parent shared, "Jack loves the feeling of making a difference in someone else's life."

Main Contact
Dr. Kathleen Pecoraro