Lindbergh High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Academic Mentoring for At-Risk Students
At Lindbergh High School, two teachers per hour are given release time to act as Academic Mentors to at-risk students. Students are identified as "at-risk" based on poor academic performance or failing grades. Attendance and home life is also considered in the identification process. Academic Mentors are assigned between four and six struggling students to work with throughout the school year. Mentors make contact at least once a week with individual students and many times more frequently. Through hallway conversations and walks around campus, the Academic Mentor builds a relationship with the student through conversations about success and goal-setting. Most importantly, the Academic Mentor is an attentive adult that listens to the student and wants to hear about obstacles and stresses in the student's life. The Academic Mentor uses the school information system to check grades and attendance and then dialogues with the student. Contact with home is vital and Academic Mentors bridge the gap between the school and parents. Mentors partner with the parent and encourage parent support of the student's efforts. Academic Mentors help students learn to use daily planners, organize backpacks, set concrete goals, and encourage future planning for college or careers. This program is effective in helping students understand what it takes to be successful; the Academic Mentors work to build students' skills and increase their confidence level in their abilities through a supportive relationship.

Main Contact
Mr. Scott Luczak