Maplewood Richmond Heights High School
St. Louis, Missouri

The Million Minor March
While reading "The Tipping Point," a study of social epidemics, students decided to start their own epidemic of goodwill and persuade the entire country to join in. We created a PSA to challenge other schools to do an act of goodwill, post a photo on our website, and then join us to march for their act of goodwill (or related cause) on May 5 in downtown St. Louis. The Million Minor March will be an annual event that promotes goodwill and community service across the country. See our PSA at and our full flash website at We launched the movement with guest speaker Reverend Billy Kyles who was with MLK Jr. on the night he was assassinated. Kyles talked to the community about what it means to have a dream important enough to stand up for.

Main Contact
Ms. Patrice Bryan
Literacy Specialist