Mehlville High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Pillows for Soldiers
All Stagecraft students read the Shakespearean play A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM that focuses on love and dreams. As the students reflected on the themes of the play, the students researched ways they could make a dream come true. The students went online and discovered that one need of the military while overseas are travel-size pillows that fit in their backpacks. Students sensed a direct connection with the military as they visit with Mehlville students often for recruitment and in other supporting roles throughout the year. The students wanted the military to get well-deserved rest and felt that a pillow for cat naps on planes, trucks, etc. was a perfect solution. The pillows are travel-size and fit in their backpacks and can be used during traveling or deployment. Mehlville students wrote personal messages on the cards that were attached to each pillow showing appreciation to the military for the comforts they give to all Americans. During their presentation of the play, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, students donated a portion of the tickets' proceeds and raised $360. In all, 72 pillows and cards were donated and distributed to military personnel through the USO and St. Louis International Airport.

Main Contact
Dr. Denise Swanger