Muhlenberg Elementary Center
Reading, Pennsylvania

Native American Friendship Bowls
At Muhlenberg Elementary Center, staff are vigilant about infusing character education into each curriculum. In the second grade visual art classroom, students learn about diverse cultures from around the world, their unique artwork, and how to appreciate and respect each one. During one interactive and cooperative experience, students built Friendship Bowls while learning about the culture of the southwest Native American people. Small groups of students worked together to form a clay coil pot. Next, all students sculpted a clay figure representing themselves. After each figure was created, students worked cooperatively within their group to attach each three dimensional self-portrait to the bowl, one at a time. As a whole group, the class brainstormed qualities of a good friend, such as caring, kind, patient, nice, etc. Afterwards, each group listed the character traits of a good friend that they felt were most important. Finally, each bowl was decorated with a leaf for each figure. The positive character traits of a friend were etched into each leaf to complete the friendship bowls. This lesson required students to discuss and demonstrate these character traits!

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Mrs. Kristy Manwiller
Elementary Art Teacher