Nottingham Community Access and Job Training High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Students with Disabilities Help Neighborhood
As part of our character education program we wanted our students to become more involved in the community, and we wanted the community to understand that students with developmental disabilities can be helpful and be good neighbors. The classes of two teachers have several projects throughout the school year. The Grounds Maintenance (a pre-vocational class) classes clean the neighborhood park of trash and other debris. They also plant flowers and bulbs at a neighborhood church. The Functional Communication Arts classes have done several activities, some of which are recurring such as delivering handmade cards at various times throughout the school year. They have also repotted plants and delivered them around the neighborhood. After noticing that students in wheelchairs had trouble navigating a broken portion of the sidewalk, one of our students made it her mission to get the sidewalk fixed and has worked with the local alderwoman to accomplish this. Students also worked with the neighbors immediately surrounding the school to decide on a paint color for the school fence. Students, volunteers and parents helped paint the fence and then had a picnic lunch together.

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