Orrs Elementary School
Griffin, Georgia

Caring and Reaching
"Caring and Reaching" is a school-wide effort to bring our community together in actions of giving. The year is kicked off with a program for students that includes the city and county governments proclaiming the week as "Character Education Week" in Griffin-Spalding County. Throughout the year, each grade level participates in an outreach program that reflects kindness and love. Pre-K students collected coins for the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Kindergarten and second grade students "adopted" two local nursing homes. The students create artwork and/or cards for the residents. First grade classes mailed letters and care packages to members of our community serving in the military overseas. Third and fourth grade students worked around the school planting flowers and clearing out the courtyards. Fifth graders collected soda drink tabs for the nearby Ronald McDonald House that houses parents of critically ill hospitalized children in nearby Columbus, Georgia. Our office staff and specials teachers raised money for the city's DARE program. "Caring and Reaching" builds character in our students and shows our community we care.

Main Contact
Ms. Jackie Earl