Carrollton, Texas

Positive Action Center (PAC)
The Positive Action Center (PAC) is a highly structured, skill-based, peer mentoring program aimed at encouraging academic success and peace in the classroom. All training activities are research- and evidence-based, age and developmentally appropriate, and based on the latest research relating to how children learn and process information at different developmental stages. The PAC program molds itself into the character of the school by providing trained peer mentors for students who request a mentor, students who are recommended for mentoring by other students, faculty or parents, or students who are referred to In School Suspension (ISS) or Alternative Education Placement (AEP). Through the voluntary mentoring process, students are able to safely discuss what may be hindering their success in school, academically or socially, and develop an action plan that will help them accept responsibility and set goals for future success. The powerful relationship established by the PAC process has a profound and lasting effect on the mentored student that translates into a reduction of distractions or problem behaviors, and finding one's success in school and the perseverance to graduate.

Main Contact
Mr. Cary Trout
Senior Training Specialist