Seckman Middle School
Imperial, Missouri

Backpacks for Foster Kids
After reading "A Child Called 'It,'" a true story about a severely abused boy, students are inspired to participate in "Backpacks for Foster Kids." Many times when children/teens are removed from a home, the environment is chaotic and stressful. Unfortunately, these kids do not have time to pack their personal belongings. The backpacks are specifically for abused children transitioning between their abusive homes and their foster families. Classes write personal letters to the student body asking for donations of gently-used backpacks. Also, students write business letters to local businesses soliciting donations of personal hygiene products and school supplies. Using persuasive techniques, students create signs and public service announcements to address the student body about the issues of child abuse and foster children. Guest speakers from DFS come into the classroom to explain the foster care system. The issue of child abuse is a social issue many of my students care deeply about, especially after they read the book and listen to the guest speakers. They want to help, and they take great pride in knowing that their efforts help children who are less fortunate.

Main Contact
Mrs. Maria Tolliver