Uthoff Valley Elementary
Fenton, Missouri

Helping Hands Program
Helping Hands began in September 2011 by members of the Uthoff Valley Elementary School (UV) Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and consists of four categories: Snacks, Hygiene, New Shoes and Food. One Lead Mother, who is a member of the PTO team, directs a category. There are a total of four lead mothers involved with the program. The Snacks category was created because there are students at UV who are unable to bring in snacks. UV counselors, PTO members and administrators believe that having proper nutrition throughout the day is vital to ensure the students remain focused on their learning. The Hygiene category was created to provide care essentials such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, and other necessary items to share with families as needed. The New Shoes category was created to purchase new shoes for students whose families do not have the capability to provide pairs for their children. The Food category was created for homeless families and for others at UV facing difficult short-and-long-term situations. In January 2012, PTO invited parents to make monetary donations or to purchase Ameren Missouri and Laclede Gas gift cards for families without electricity and heat.

Main Contact
Mrs. Lisa Sandbothe