Valley Park Middle School
Valley Park, Missouri

Fire House Service Learning
For the past four and a half years, the Valley Park Fire House on Crescent Ave. has partnered with one class of sixth graders during their Hawktime in an effort to provide an opportunity for service-learning and mentoring. These students spend several days a year after school with the men at their "house." These firemen and EMS workers give their time to our students and spend the afternoon showing our youngsters the life of a fireman, from their daily home duties/chores, the calls they run, the training they continuously update, and the equipment that they use and maintain.They tell our youths about fire safety they can practice at home. The men answer all of the students' questions very seriously. The students get to try wearing or using the equipment and practicing various skills that firemen need to know. Over the years, we have done many activities that demonstrate the way the men work, how they carry their equipment, and how they keep themselves safe during dangerous situations. A few examples of these activities include using the Jaws of Life to pick up eggs without cracking them, simulating Search and Rescue using fog machines and heat-seeking goggles, and holding and spraying the fire hose properly following safety guidelines. This program is mutually beneficial because the firemen get a chance to connect with today's youth, but also the children get a chance to see the job and diligence of our local firemen and connect with how vital they are to our community.

Main Contact
Mrs. Marianne Wecker
6th grade teacher