Vandalia Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Centre City Saturdays - Serving Our Community
What began as a one-day service learning project in honor of Martin Luther King Day in January 2011 has turned into a school-wide effort to make a difference in our community. For the past year, one Saturday a month, we, the staff, students and parents at Vandalia Elementary have dedicated ourselves to serving the homeless in our community. Although serving the homeless is not a new idea, our practice is not the least bit conventional. Each month we gather the items necessary for our service. This includes gathering food and necessities as well as hand-making items such as scarfs, etc. We meet at 7:45 a.m. on our designated Saturday at a local park, regardless of the weather. Our practice goes beyond serving as we pride ourselves on developing meaningful relationships with the individuals we serve, getting to know their strengths and talents as well as how we can best help them.

Main Contact
Mrs. Kelly Ingram