Whittier Elementary
Muskogee, Oklahoma

80's for Alzheimer's -- Students Dancing for a Cure
Whittier Elementary is a close-knit family of students and staff. When one of our teachers was affected by her father's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, the staff and students sprang into action. An 80's for Alzheimer's Dance was organized with the funds going to the Alzheimer's Association. What started as a fun, one-time event to support a teacher has become a yearly tradition that students and staff look forward to every year. Parents, students and staff get involved and contribute time, decorations, treats and prizes to make the dance happen. The goal has become not only to help the Alzheimer's Association but to foster an understanding for the students of what a far-reaching effect the disease has and how many are touched by it. Before the dance, students do research about the disease and what steps are being taken to find a cure. After the dance, students reflect and write about how they are making a difference by participating in the dance. Throughout the year, the students continue their outreach for those affected by the disease by visiting nursing homes, and making Christmas cards to send to the elderly residents.

Main Contact
Mrs. Nelita Cash