Alan B. Shepard Elementary School
Old Bridge, NJ

World of Character
Parents were invited to plan and implement interactive/hands-on skills workstations, each based on the six pillars of character. Photo passports were given to each child.. Activities at each table taught skill sets, were interactive and universally designed. As a child completed each station, his/her passport would be stamped. Parents used puppets, cue cards, games, arts and crafts, building blocks and other manipulatives to teach and reinforce key values. Passports described activities at each station. Additionally, there were several “at home” activities to reinforce each core value. Passports were sent home during spring break. Upon return to school, teachers review the activities and had students compare and contrast experiences. Displays from the stations are displayed throughout the hallways as visual reminders of the core values. (ie, responsibility flowers garden, and a blue trustworthy paper chain) Home activities reinforced values and gave opportunities for moral action. Student council showed students natural consequences of their service learning. Upon completion of all activities, natural consequences as well as parent comments from the family activities were read over the loud speaker during morning announcements.

Main Contact
Mrs. Jean Czarkowski
School Counselor