Muskogee Early Childhood Center
Muskogee, OK

An Attitude of Giving
"An Attitude of Giving" began with, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Dunlap in 2009. They wanted to instill an attitude of giving instead of receiving in their ECC students. Pre-Kindergarten students are ego-centric (centered on the self). The teachers wanted the children to learn about putting others first and helping those who are in need. To make this party unique rather than a traditional party where each child receives a gift, the students are asked to use their gift money, to help buy presents for a Salvation Army Angel. The money is collected and used to purchase clothing and toy items. The learning takes place over a three week period. The children are introduced to the Angels; stories that teach the character traits of giving, compassion, and service are read and discussed each day. The angel names are displayed with the Angel's wish list. Daily discussion and activities help students become familiar with our Angels which instill a sense of compassion for them. After discussing the project for three weeks and emphasizing the character traits, we take our students on a field trip to purchase the angel gifts and then to the Salvation Army for their delivery.

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Mrs. Malinda Lindsey