Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night

The West Milford School District hosted its First Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night. The event was set up so that half the attendees would attend a dinner discussion, while the other half selected from multiple breakout sessions covering a multitude of topics. The attendees then swapped places, allowing us to serve well over 400 attendees made up of parents and children from the community. The dinner session was designed to allow parents and their children to react in a dinner like setting, to communicate about topics such as social media, cyber-bullying, and digital footprints, all guided by our director of education. The desire was to foster the experience that can then be taken home a repeated, by those families. During the dinners, our director gave a speech on digital citizenship and the impact of digital footprints. The event included presentations and resources. Families also engaged in hands-on activities that helped sediment that foundation of understanding with regard to those topics. While the dinner was running, breakout sessions for the second half of the attendees provided dialogue from faculty to the community members on our district’s existing use of Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship, and Google Apps for Education. Question and answer sessions were made available to parents to discuss concerns about privacy, student impact, and resources. A second session allowed the two attending parties to swap places and then was followed by a third session which took place in our auditorium. There a keynote address was given on Common Sense Media to the group at large and was followed up by a free raffle giveaway of 6 Chromebooks donated by community organizations. Our night ended with a promise that we would carry on this night on a yearly basis and work toward providing even greater resources to families.