Training's professional training focuses on school-wide systemic change. We prepare educators and school leaders to create safe, healthy, high-performing schools, while inspiring students to reach their full potential as students and as people.

How will’s professional training help your staff?’s professional development is designed to enable schools to transform their climate and culture. We help you positively support character development and social-emotional learning skills to increase student success.We help with the big picture, strategic action planning and skill acquisition to help raise academics and decrease behavior issues. We back up our explanations with exemplary practices from schools of character.

We use the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education which is our open-ended and inclusive framework in a highly interactive format.  We look at self assessment tools, focus on building engagement, and share techniques for implementation. recognizes that each school community has its own specific priorities and challenges. Therefore,’s expert facilitators use a variety of strategies to build skills that will enhance instruction, increase student achievement, and focus on both individual and organizational improvement of climate and culture.  Providing tailored and powerful professional trainings for school communities is vital as stakeholders learn the power of the development of ethical, moral and social development of their citizens in conjunction with academic success.

What do we offer? offers multiple support and training opportunities for K-12 schools, districts, and state-wide initiatives. These range from one day to multi-year assistance.  The approach is not “one size fits all” but instead’s expertise customizes facilitation to the needs of individual school communities.

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