Other Services
In addition to webinars and training workshops, Character Education Partnership provides other professional training.

Multi-Year Initiatives for Schools, School Districts, Counties, or States

A variety of school districts, counties, and states have contracted with CEP for multi-year initiatives where services are customized according to need. The combination of professional development products described, are utilized to specifically tailor learning for optimal benefit.

Customized School-Based Professional Development

Schools, realizing their own unique needs and priorities, incorporate comprehensive and multi-tiered focus on character development addressing priorities in the community which may include assessment of culture and climate, academic integration and social-emotional learning. CEP and school leaders work together to assess and subsequently develop comprehensive focus tailored to meet the needs of the schools.

Assessment Overviews

CEP can work with character education steering committees to establish an evaluation plan that includes both qualitative and quantitative data collection, beginning with baseline data collection so that benchmarks and priorities can be set intelligently.

On-going Coaching

CEP has long-term initiatives that require a local “coach”, trained by CEP with an excellent professional background. The CEP coach acts as a facilitator and guide, meeting regularly with a school’s character education committee and leadership. CEP coaches assist staff in problem-solving and act as a resource. At times, they may provide professional trainings. They help the school move forward, overcoming obstacles. They do not function as consultants nor tell the staff what to do.


Schools hire expert CEP consultants for a day to do follow-up on previous work or to participate in early planning discussions. In cases where schools cannot release teachers to visit with the CEP consultant, the consultant will “live” at the school for the day and the teachers visit when they have a free period.

Training of Trainer (TOT) Seminars with Apprenticeship

Currently, CEP holds at least one TOT each year, looking for individuals who might be a good fit to work as a CEP trainer. Candidates must have a related background, be familiar with schools and school culture issues, and have an upbeat approach to public speaking. The program is a 5 day intensive training that includes practice presentation. Candidates should be able to work on a part time basis.

In order to complete the TOT and be ready to represent CEP at trainings, there is an extensive apprenticeship period that varies for each candidate.

Motivational Speaking/Keynoting

CEP’s partners who provide motivational speaking and keynote presentations are life-long character educators who have extensive experience and success in their field.


In summary, CEP’s professional development is designed to enable schools to transform their climate and culture by positively supporting social-emotional and character development which translates to increased student success. We help with the big picture, strategic action planning and skill acquisition to make a difference in the lives of the individual, the school; and hence, the community and the nation.

If you would like to find out more information about professional trainings, contact Sheril Morgan Luther at or call 202-296-7743.