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Virtual Workshop:

The 11 Principles

(using our recently published updated version)


Tamra Nast
Director of Training & Coaching

“Education without morals is

like a ship without a compass,

merely wandering nowhere.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

This 1-Day virtual workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to learn how to use the 11 Principles to create a culture of character in their classroom, school, and district. Tamra Nast will introduce a wide range of approaches, strategies, and practices that school leaders can immediately implement to transform their school. 


Character.org is hosting a virtual 11 Principles workshop on April 4, 2024, from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM ET guided by Tamra Nast,* Director of Training and Coaching. This 1-day highly interactive workshop is for anyone who would like to take a dive into the 11 Principles Framework for SchoolsParticipants will: 

(1) Explore together why it is important to identify and embed your school’s core values.

(2) Review and discuss examples of each principle in action.

(3) Assess where your school is on its character journey.

The workshop will use our recently published updated version of the 11 Principles. Each participant will also be given an assessment tool that will help their school evaluate its culture and develop an action plan to shape and strengthen their school’s culture of character. 

The cost is $350 per registrant which includes The 11 Principles guidebook will be mailed to your school. 

We would like to offer the following groups a special rate of $250:

This includes:

        • Anyone that attended our 2023 International Forum in November
        • Any school we recognized for a 2023Promising Practice
        • Any school that participated in one of our Mock Audits in 2023
        • Any school we recognized as an “Emerging,” “Honorable Mention,” or State School of Character in January 2024.
        • Any school recertifying for a School of Character in 2025.
        • All individuals and any school who is a proud member of Character.org. 

Registration includes one 11 Principles Framework guidebook we will mail to you after the workshop. 

***Register for this workshop by March 14 to receive a workbook before it begins on April 4, 2024.*** 

Email Tamra Nast tamra@character.org for more information!

I truly enjoyed the 11 Principles Workshop today. I am coming away with much clarity about the 11 Principles Framework for Schools. I’m eager to learn and implement some of the strategies. Thank you, thank you! 

Jummai Adeniji Fashola

Special Education Teacher

I think the School of Character journey is about telling each school’s story. We are in an age where the social media footprint is littered with negativity that dampens hope and can crush even the happiest of spirits. However, when we realize how much good is happening, hope is ignited, communities are changed, and lives are impacted. 


Nellie Christian

Assistant Principal

Our workshops are comprehensive, engaging, and can be a difference maker. We have a variety of different workshop options that can help you get where you want to go. If you are unable to attend, or would like to schedule an alternate workshop, please contact Tamra Nast at the link below and she will be happy to provide a custom solution.

Meet Tamra Nast

Director, Training and Coaching

Tamra inspires schools to learn more about and apply The 11 Principles Framework for Schools. Her background as a teacher, school counselor, parent, and character coordinator provides a wealth of experience as she teaches, coaches, and supports educators to embed service learning, intrinsic motivation, and character development into their schools and districts worldwide.