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FEATURED PRACTICE Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night The West Milford School District hosted its First Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night. The event was set up so that half the attendees would attend a dinner discussion, while the other half selected from multiple breakout sessions covering a multitude of topics. The attendees then swapped places, allowing us to serve well over 400 attendees made up of parents and children from the community. The dinner session was designed to allow parents and their children to react in a dinner like setting, to communicate about topics such as social media, cyber-bullying, and digital footprints, all guided by our director of education. The desire was to foster the experience that can then be taken home a repeated, by those families. During the dinners, our director gave a speech on digital citizenship and the impact of digital footprints. The event included presentations and resources. Families also engaged in hands-on activities that helped sediment that foundation of understanding with regard to those topics. While the dinner was running, breakout sessions for the second half of the attendees provided dialogue from faculty to the community members on our district’s existing use of Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship, and Google Apps for Education. Question and answer sessions were made available to parents to discuss concerns about privacy, student impact, and resources. A second session allowed the two attending parties to swap places and then was followed by a third session which took place in our auditorium. …
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5 Tips for Writing an Awesome NSOC Application

Back by Popular Demand! 5 Tips for Writing an Awesome School of Character Application Sheril Morgan,’s director of Schools of Character, co-writer of a previously designated application and trainer of evaluators, will lead this interactive session. You’ll leave the webinar with the following strategies: Navigating the application Writing the narrative Uploading the right artifacts Making data manageable Knowing what evaluators are looking for The Schools of Character process really isn’t about the designation; it’s about the process of becoming a great school. The webinar is only an hour long, but you’ll get an introduction to writing a great application. Wednesday, November 22, 2017 | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM EST  REGISTER NOW >>

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Featured Practice Positive Addictions Clay Center Community Middle School Clay Center, Kansas Positive Addictions addresses: Principle 1: The school community promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundation of good character. Principle 10:  The school engages families and community members as partners in the character-building effort. The key topics include: Family and Community Sports / Physical Education  Student Development & Growth Positive Addictions culminates with an end of year 5K race in which all students participate, but numerous character-building activities take place throughout the year that contribute to the success and excitement that builds around the community race. The goal of Positive Addictions is to interest students in lifelong healthy practices as they train throughout the year for the 5K. Students participate in community clean-up events, mentoring lunches with community members, as well as classroom activities throughout the year that introduce and reinforce healthy lifestyles and becoming supportive members of the community.  Preparing for the race takes place over several months with multiple training sessions for teachers and students. Several parents and community members volunteer time as street crossing monitors, race partners and cheerleaders along the course during training and turn out in greater numbers on Positive Addictions Day. Even the elementary schools get involved by passing out water to the runners as well as creating banners and signs to cheer runners along. After the race, the students visit stations on the school grounds that promote character and healthy …
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Families of Character CreateCommunities of Character THE VALUE OF A FRAMEWORK FOR FAMILIES OF CHARACTER Families want to foster character, but character development can be pushed aside with the hustle and bustle of life. is here to help families stay on the right track. POPULAR BLOG POSTS ABOUT CHARACTER FOR FAMILIES Tips to Help Your Kids with Honesty Help Kids Learn From Lapses in Character 10 Ways to Raise Kids Who Care How to Raise a Good Human in a Digital World Click Here to Browse All Blog Posts “It’s good to know that is doing their best to help schools, parents, and teachers produce kids with character, and in doing so, make the world a better place.” Colton Qualls | Ozark, Arkansas Read the Qualls Family’s Story “Often, we are going in so many directions but character values bind us together even when we are apart. We aren’t perfect, but we are working toward success.” Sheril Morgan | Muskogee, OK Read the Morgan Family’s Story MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY A COMMUNITY OF CHARACTER One family member promoting character is great, but when the entire family and community is on the same page, the results are limitless. For more information, contact us. THE 11 PRINCIPLES OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR FAMILIES Families can come together around common goals, core values and activities. This framework can help guide your success Download the 11 Principles ACTIVITIES AND RESOURCES You’re never alone! Learn …
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Character Creates Teamsthat Win–On and Off the Field A CHARACTER WORKOUT Athletic training and competition provides players and coaches with rich opportunities to develop character. By developing one’s fitness and sportsmanship, sports are powerful training camps that instill a personal and communal focus on character. DEVELOPING GOOD CHARACTER STARTS IN PRACTICE Players and coaches develop when they are presented with challenges on both the practice field and the playing field. SPORTS AND THE COMMUNITY Athletes are role models and leaders in their communities. Creating and supporting character-focused teams has a positive impact far beyond the field. Stay Informed Check out our blog for tips from communities of character. THE 11 PRINCIPLES IN TEAMS OF CHARACTER The 11 Principles is a flexible framework that is used at the Character Combines. It doesn’t just help teams develop better athletes, it helps them develop better people and better communities. Download the 11 Principles COACHING PLANS AND RESOURCES Learn best practices and gain inspiration from those who have been in your shoes through our conferences and membership. Conferences Membership POPULAR CHARACTER IN SPORTS BLOG POSTS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SPORT BECOMING A BETTER PLAYER THROUGH CHARACTER CHARACTER ON AND OFF THE FIELD VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES Click Here to Browse All Blog Posts “I never tried to get into the Hall of Fame; I only tried to be the best that I could be.” Walter Payton | Former Running Back, Chicago Bears A CHAMPION FOR …
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