The Character Exchange

THE CHARACTER EXCHANGE What is the Character Exchange? The Character Exchange is a network of teachers, school support staff, administrators and parents working together to bring positive changes to our schools and communities by advancing the principles that we know make them better places to learn and work. It is a learning community and digital resource center built around the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education, which provide a road map for creating cultures of character in schools and organizations. The Exchange also offers a certificate and digital badge in character education.


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Tips for Applying

Helpful Tips Build your team. Prior to completing your application online, you’ll want to assemble a team that will collect and reflect on the information. This will help you put together an excellent application and give you a snapshot of where you are on your character journey and where you want to go. Try another browser if you encounter problems. Google Chrome has worked well for most when completing the application. Plan out your artifacts. For each of the 11 Principles, we ask you to provide evidence of your implementation through artifacts, which must be pdf or Microsoft Word documents. You’ll have an opportunity to include links to web pages or videos in the “additional evidence” section. Send your self-assessments requests early. Self-assessments are sent and managed through the application system. Make sure you leave your assessors enough time to complete the assessment before your submission. Remember the character limits are set as a maximum. You do not have to use all of the characters to provide the information necessary. Also, note that spaces do count as characters in our system. Compile your data early on and provide as many years as you can. In the data portion, you must provide at least 1 year of data for test scores, behavioral statistics and school climate surveys. For the other years, you may use “n/a” to fill required fields if you don’t have additional data. Some of the info you will provide in the application: …
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Schools of Character Leadership Council

Schools of Character Leadership Council The Schools of Character Leadership Council ensures overall quality assurance of our Schools of Character and recommends processes to make Schools of Character sustainable. The council includes membership from the Education Advisory Council, coordinators, regional partners, staff and Board members. Phil Brown Phil Brown is a Consultant for the National School Climate Center. He has presented at numerous Forums and currently serves on’s Educational Advisory Committee. After serving in the NJ Department of Education, he created and directed the Center for Social and Character Development at Rutgers University that conducted research on evidence based prosocial programs. He established the NJ Alliance for Social, Emotional and Character Development that developed the State Schools of Character program for Among his publications are the two volume, Handbook of Prosocial Education (2012) and School Discipline: A Prosocial Perspective (2016). Joseph Carvin Joe is the founder and CEO of One World United and Virtuous, an organization committed to improving human understanding and cooperation. The primary vehicle is One World Youth Clubs which are in six countries. The goal is creating a global learning network of leaders of character, knowledgeable of the world around them and capable of changing it for the better. Previously Joe worked in emerging market finance for 30 years with a focus on South America and recently completed 8 years as Town Supervisor of the Town of Rye, New York. Kent Fahrenbruck Kent …
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2018 Forum Exhibitors

2018 Forum Exhibitors Apex Fun Run  Booth 9 Apex is a national leadership and fundraising company that has served over 2,000,000 students in 30 states. Contact: Jeremy Barnhart  Brixiples Table C Brixiples™ is a unique new board game designed to teach 7-12 year olds about Ethics, Safety, and Common Sense & Courtesy with 200 question cards. Through role playing, silly actions, and serious thought, 2-4 players and an adult guide discuss a broad swath of difficult and confusing topics. Contact: Jacqueline Dobranski Carington’s Leadership Adventure Table A Carington’s Leadership Adventure is a service-learning project grounded in the Developmental Assets/ Developmental Relationships frameworks. It provides youth mentors with the opportunity to serve their school or community and enhance school climate and social-emotional learning using Carington’s Wild Character Adventure® (CWCA) activities. Join the Adventure… you can’t go wrong! Contact: Carla Smith The Journal of Character Education Booth 3 The Journal of Character Education (JCE) is a partner of JCE is dedicated to character education from the theoretical to practical application for school-based outcomes. partners with JCE’s editors at the Center for Character and Citizenship in promoting positive character comprehensively as reflected in’s 11 Principles.  Contact: Deborah O’Reilly Booth 7 focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character development and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We are a nonprofit organization that strives to ensure every person is educated, inspired and empowered to be …
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