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Academic Integrity PSA Program

Made possible by a grant from The School for Ethical Education

The Board and Staff at Character.org congratulate all the students who submitted to us their Academic Integrity public service announcement!

The Academic Integrity PSA program is an opportunity for high school students across the world to create their own message about the importance of academic integrity, honesty, and ethics in action.

A group of distinguished judges evaluated each PSA and let us know which were the most compelling based on content, creativity, and production values.

Throughout the next six months, Character.org will be sharing these PSA videos on our platforms and in our weekly newsletter.

If you’re interested in sharing these inspiring PSAs with your school,
please let us know!

Here are the 3 most compelling PSAs on Academic Integrity
(as ranked by the judges)

“The Ultimate Test”
Thompson High School – Alabama

“Honesty is Key”
Harmony Science Academy – Texas

“Just Study”
The Brunswick School – Connecticut

Here’s a selection of other student-created PSAs

“Little Actions, Big Results”
Pen Argyl High School    Pennsylvania

“A Integrity Comp”
The Brunswick School    Connecticut

“The Right Choice”
The Brunswick School    Connecticut

“The Classroom”
South Windsor High School    Connecticut

“Math Problem”
CEL Intercultural School    Brazil

For any questions about the Academic Integrity PSA program,
please contact Dr. Debra Cohen at Character.org.

Submission Information:  

  • Submission deadline: to be determined for 2023
  • Maximum file size: 25 MB
  • PSA length: 30-60 seconds
  • Video credits: Your video should acknowledge all students that helped to make your PSA possible (Please ensure that the list of all participants is also included in the submission form.)
  • File name: Please name your file PSA Title – School Name and Location.
    EXAMPLE: Do Unto Others – Central HS Evans Township
  • Open to all high school students
  • There is no cost to participate
  • All submissions will be accepted via the online form.  After you submit your work, you will receive a confirmation email to save for your records. If you require proof of submission, please be sure to print or otherwise save a copy of the confirmation email you receive.


    What are the judges looking for in the PSAs they view?

    • Your PSA should clearly express the importance of academic integrity and one or more of the core values that animate integrity, such as honesty, courage, respect, trust, responsibility or fairness. The viewer should be able to grasp and understand how one or more of these values connect to practicing academic integrity.
    • Your PSA should not focus on the negative consequences; rather, the video should emphasize the core values needed to practice academic integrity.

    • The PSA articulates the values of academic integrity in an innovative and unique way. The PSA is entertaining. A viewer would want to share the video with others.

    • The PSA makes sense and follows a logical outline. It tells a clear story or narrative that supports the importance of academic integrity.

    Production Values
    • The PSA is produced with thought and care. The shots are well composed and in focus. The audio is clean and understandable. The PSA is broadcast quality.
    • Submissions must be original work. Do not repurpose work produced by others (i.e., video clips created by someone else).

    Character.org is planning to share these PSA videos on our platforms. We will also make videos available for viewing at schools in the Schools of Character network.

    Tips for Teachers: Benefits to Students for Writing and Filming an Academic Integrity PSA

    • Provides students an opportunity to share their voice and perspective on the values needed to practice academic integrity.
    • Offers students a creative opportunity to share their voice and perspective on academic integrity to a wide range of audiences (within their own school, district, and schools across the world)
    • Encourages dialogue among peers, educators, and the school community about academic integrity.
    • Offers authentic learning: a real-world experience that includes collaborative project work.
    • Promotes ethics in action.

    You can reach out with any questions about the Academic Integrity PSA Program to information@character.org