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Rich bagin

Executive Director Emeritus, National School Public Relations Association

Nora Carr
Jennie Carreon

President & CEO
Carreon Group, Inc.

Joe Carvin
joseph carvin

One World United and Virtuous

Peter Donovan
Peter Donovan

School for Ethical Education

Michael Dutton

Senior Communications Manager (retired),
The Executive Leadership Council
Vice Chair

Bob Fisicaro
Suhail Farooqui

K12 Insight

Bob Fisicaro
Dr. Robert J. Fisicaro

Haddon Township School District

Liz Huntley
liz huntley

President & Co-Founder,
The Hope Institute

Scarlett Lewis
scarlett lewis

Jesse Lewis
Choose Love Movement

John Liporace
john liporace

Managing Partner,
Taylor Global

Linda McKay

National Advocate for Character in America’s Schools
Past Board Chair

Andy Miller
J. Andrew Miller (Andy)

Partner (retired),
Ernst & Young

Glenn Wilke
glenn wilke

Executive Director,
Midtown Educational Foundation