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At Character.org, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the individuals and organizations that embody, promote, and elevate the importance of character in every facet of life. Our “Champions For Character” awards are given throughout the year to those who exemplify outstanding character and set a positive example for others. Explore the categories below to learn more about the awards and the remarkable champions who inspire us all.

Nominate A Champion

Do you know an individual or organization that exemplifies outstanding character in one of the categories below? Nominate them for a a “Champions For Character” award!


Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards, renowned NFL coach and former player, is honored as a Champion for Character for his exemplary sportsmanship and leadership. Known for his integrity, fairness, and commitment to mentoring young athletes, Edwards has consistently promoted ethical behavior both on and off the field. His dedication to building character in sports has made a lasting impact, inspiring countless athletes to uphold the values of respect, responsibility, and teamwork.


Dan Houston

Dan Houston, Chairman, President, and CEO of Principal Financial Group, is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity. He is recognized as a Champion for Character for his encouragement of his employees to uphold the company’s Global Code of Conduct, fostering a culture of honesty and responsibility.


Jill Rigby Garner

Jill Rigby Garner, a character education and parenting expert who has authored several books, including Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World is celebrated for the work she has done with her organization Manners Of The Heart. They empower parents and families to model and foster the core values that shape the hearts, minds, and choices of their children through resources, like their Heart Education curriculum and family workshops to their weekly Home Connection Letter.


Jim Clark

Jim Clark, President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, has been recognized as a Champion for Character for his dedication to advancing character development among youth. Under his leadership, the organization has emphasized programs that foster good character, impacting millions of young lives across the nation.


Steve Hartman

During the pandemic, Steve Hartman from the iconic CBS News series “On The Road” began a new series called “Kindness 101.”  They were wildly popular, especially among teachers. Steve is recognized as a Champion For Character in media because he has teamed up with CBS News and Character Counts! to offer all of his 400+ videos for free, along with new lesson plans to help teach character to kids.


Condoleeza Rice

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, an esteemed diplomat and political scientist, is recognized as a Champion for Character for her unwavering integrity and service. As the first African American woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of State, she exemplified ethical leadership and dedication to public service. Her impact on international relations and advocacy for education and human rights serve as an inspiration to leaders worldwide.



1. Sports Honoring athletes, coaches, and sports organizations that demonstrate integrity, fairness, and respect both on and off the field. These champions are not only skilled in their sport but also serve as role models, promoting good sportsmanship and ethical behavior.

2. Business Recognizing businesses and business leaders who prioritize ethical practices, corporate social responsibility, and a positive work culture. These champions lead by example, showing that success can be achieved through honesty, respect, and a commitment to the greater good.

3. Parenting Celebrating parents and guardians, and supporting organizations who instill strong moral values and character in their children. These champions nurture and guide families with love, respect, and dedication, fostering the next generation of individuals who value and practice good character.

4. After-School Programs Celebrating after-school programs that provide safe, supportive environments where children and teens can grow and develop strong moral values. These programs foster character development, teamwork, and community involvement, guiding young individuals to become responsible, respectful, and compassionate members of society.

5. Media Honoring media professionals and organizations that uphold the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and respect in their reporting and storytelling. These champions use their platforms to promote truth, foster understanding, and highlight ethical behavior, inspiring audiences to value and practice good character.

6. Public Service Recognizing public servants and organizations that demonstrate exceptional dedication to serving their communities with integrity, fairness, and respect. These champions lead by example, showing that public service rooted in ethical principles can significantly enhance the well-being and cohesion of society.