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Partner with Character.org

Character.org has a strong history of corporate support. Our most successful partnerships most often involve companies committed to creating a strong ethical workplace culture where integrity and doing the right thing is valued and supported.

3 Ways to Support Character.org


Our work reaches thousands of people worldwide who care about character. We take every step we can to amplify our sponsors so our stakeholders learn that your company is committed to character, integrity, and ethical behavior.


We look forward to learning about your company’s philanthropic priorities and how they may align with our work with parents and families, schools, sports and after-school programs. Character.org works in particular communities across the United States as well as in nations across the globe.


We welcome the opportunity to share our character resources with your employees. Imagine your team members receiving actionable activities that will inspire and equip them to emphasize the importance of character with their own children.

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Please reach out to Dean D’Ambrosi, our Executive Vice President, for more information by completing the contact form and he will follow up with you.

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors