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The John Winthrop Wright Center for Ethics & Integrity plans to launch a pivotal initiative to redefine America’s discussion on character and values, focusing on an annual report titled “The Cost of Bad Character on American Society.” This report aims to examine the wide-ranging impacts of ethical shortcomings and foster nationwide discourse on the significance of integrity. The initiative will also introduce the American Values Assessment to annually track the country’s ethical development.

In addition, the Center will produce publications and a podcast dedicated to promoting ethical leadership and character education, targeting early childhood and leveraging service-learning to cultivate leadership and values in students. These efforts strive to emphasize character’s role in building a just society and equip future generations with the tools for ethical leadership, integrating character education into America’s societal, educational, and policy frameworks.

Ethics in Leadership Podcast Series:

Host a series of high-profile interviews with renowned leaders and academics, aiming to explore the role of ethics in various sectors including business, education, politics, and technology. Grow this audience to create a much-needed voice for ethics and integrity in the public space.