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In order to drive systemic change, Character.org seeks to collaborate with visionary funders to incubate new initiatives that address critical gaps in character education and ethical leadership. Through our strategic partnerships, we aim to catalyze innovation and scale impact by working on a national level. We also seek funders to intiate policy changes by focusing on political advocacy, we aim to secure commitments from decision-makers to integrate character-building principles into educational systems, corporate governance, and public policy. Lastly, we seek funders to innovate new character intiatives that can make a significant impact while supporting the next generation of character thought leaders. By supporting these strategic goals and action ideas, funders have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a national movement towards a more ethical, integrated, and character-driven society.

Character Education Policy Initiative:

Launch an initiative aimed at influencing educational policy at the state and federal levels to incorporate character education into the core curriculum. This will involve collaboration with educational policymakers, curriculum developers, and stakeholders to draft, propose, and enact legislation that supports comprehensive character education programs.