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Ethics in Action Series

Made possible by a grant from The School for Ethical Education

This past year Character.org invited leading-edge researchers and practitioners to share with us the best strategies, practices, and approaches that cultivate integrity and ethical behavior in students. Enjoy!

Dr. Jason Stephen is a professor of education at the University of Auckland and International Center for Academic Integrity board member. His webinar is entitled Cheating Others and Lying to Ourselves:The Role of Self-Deception in Academic Misconduct. 

Dr. Karen Bohlin is currently the director of the Practical Wisdom Project at the Abigail Adams Institute. A veteran educator, she talked to Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of Character.org, about how students and school leaders can develop the skills and dispositions of practical wisdom.

Dr. David Wangaard is the Executive Director of The School for Ethical Education. He sat down with Dr. Debra Cohen, our Director of Ethical Education, to explain the Tri-Factor Model for Ethical Functioning and how the model can help students develop their own moral compass. 

Dr. Phil Brown is a recognized expert on school culture and climate. He discusses with Dr. Debra Cohen, our Director of Ethical Education, how school leaders can develop and implement an intentional culture of belonging that reaches all students and parents.

Amy Mueurs is CEO of the National Youth Leadership Council. She talks to Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of Character.org, about how service learning can make a difference in the lives of students.

Dr. Matt Davidson is co-founder and president of Excellence with Integrity Institute. In a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Arthur Schwartz, president of Character.org, Matt shares why he has dedicated his professional life to helping leaders create a culture of character within their schools, teams, or organizations.

Dr. Kevin Basik is a retired Air Force officer who is now in a leadership role at the National Medal of Honor Museum and Institute. An expert on behavioral integrity, he talks with Dr. Arthur Schwartz, president of Character.org, about how to foster a culture of honor in K-12 schools. 

Dr. Debra Cohen is the John Winthrop Wright Director of Ethical Education at Character.org. In this webinar she discussed how to create a culture of integrity in a wide range of approaches, strategies, and practices to equip all students to choose the harder right than the easier wrong. 

Dr. Mark Liston created the Character Growth Index (CGI) to help young people identify their own character goals. He recently talked with Dr. Arthur Schwartz, president of Character.org, about the CGI and how the index inspires students to reflect on their character.

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