Case Studies
The three case studies below demonstrate the positive effects of implementing effective character education into schools.

Case Study: Unity within Diversity at Bayless Elementary School

Bayless’s focus on character education has had impressive academic results, including a 44% increase in the amount of students capable of reading at or above expected grade level.

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Case Study: The Character Education Difference at Ridgewood Middle School

The amazing journey of Ridgewood Middle School, a school of 500 seventh and eighth graders from low socio-economic families on the outskirts of St. Louis presents a real life example that showcases the transformative power of effective character education.

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Case Study: Finding Stability and Success at Westwood Elementary School

With no strong overarching vision to unite the faculty, Westwood Elementary School was seeing a conspicuous decline in student behavior and academic achievement. Character education helped the school reduce the amount of discipline referrals, increase student attendance rate, and strengthen the bond between student and faculty.

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