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Leadership Academy for High School Students

Made possible by a grant from The School for Ethical Education

Character.org is bringing together high school students from across the United States
to develop a social media campaign on a core value that the students select.

Fueled by student voice, the purpose of the campaign is to reach
“hearts and minds” via “impressions and hits.”

The Character.org Leadership Academy is a pilot program offering high school juniors the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while collaborating on a social media and marketing campaign that will focus on a core value the students care deeply about.

We are looking for high school juniors who are passionate about using social media to promote positive messages. We also welcome the opportunity to work with students who may enjoy graphic design, animation, or video production. We will be selecting a small number of students from across the United States.

• The group will meet virtually six (6) times, roughly every three weeks. During the first meeting, we will establish specific dates and times for the next 5 meetings that work best for all students.

• Before our first meeting, we will be sure to secure Parent Permission for each participating student.

• The Leadership Academy will be co-led by Dr. Arthur Schwartz and Dr. Debra Cohen.

• Students who are recommended by their schools should contact Dr. Cohen to speak with the student via phone or video chat (we understand that a school staff member may also need to be on that call).

Please email Dr. Cohen so that you can arrange a time to meet or to have her answer any questions.

I’m excited to give students the opportunity to create a social media campaign where they can use their collective voice to bring a positive message about a core value to the world.

Dr. Debra Cohen

John Winthrop Wright Director of Ethical Education

Leadership Academy