Persons of Character Research Report and Wax Museum
Alan B. Shepard Jr. Elementary School

Through this lesson, students will research a person of character and write a report on that person. Once the report is written, students will transform the information into a first-person speech. At the Wax Museum, each student will dress up as their chosen person of character and will “come to life” and speak to visitors as that person.

Students will identify a person that shows good character and research that person’s life and contributions to the world.

Students will use the information they gathered to write an engaging and detailed report on their chosen person.

Students will transform their research report into a first-person speech about their chosen person, highlighting demonstrations of character.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of their chosen person through an interesting and well-presented portrayal during the school Wax Museum.
Assignment description and timeline for students
Computers/Encyclopedias for research
Index cards for speeches
Construction paper to make name tags
  • Review core values and examples of each core value students see outside of school.
  • Explain that famous people as well as everyday people do an exemplary job of showing core values.
  • Describe the assignment: they are going to choose a person who shows core
    values to research and write a report about. They are then going to turn the information they gathered into a speech, which they will say when they dress up as that person at the school’s Wax Museum.
  • Hand out assignment paper and read through the assignment and example report, answering any questions students have and reminding them of due dates.
  • Once students have chosen their person to research, use computers or encyclopedias to gather information. Help students determine important details and summarize information gathered.
  • Outside of class, students need to complete their research, write their report, and design a costume to wear at the Wax Museum.
  • Once reports are handed in, show students how to summarize the information into a shorter, first-person speech.
  • At the Wax Museum, each student will be dressed up as their person and be “frozen” as a wax figure until someone comes up to them. At that point the student will “come to life” and say their speech, explaining about the person’s life and describing how that person shows core values.
  • Following the Wax Museum, have students reflect on the experience by describing surprising information they learned about their research topic, how they were inspired by their chosen person, and how it felt to convey the information to an audience.