Science Discovery Day
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

Fifth grade students will search lesson plan books, on-line resources, and other science references in order to find an activity that is appropriate for the third grade buddies. The fifth grade students will be asked to complete a lesson plan. The lesson plan will need to be approved by the fifth grade teacher.

Fifth graders will need to complete a sheet on what the goal of the lesson is, the activities planned to engage and teach the third grade buddies, develop worksheets, develop assessment tools, and plan the presentation.

The fifth graders will be graded on this activity using a rubric.

Fifth grade students will become knowledgeable on a science concept of their choosing.
Fifth grade students will enhance their communication skills with their buddies.
Fifth grade students will develop interpersonal skills as they teach their buddies.
Fifth grade students will gain a better understanding of the role of the teacher.
Fifth grade students begin to understand the responsibility of being the ‘teacher.’

Third grade students will respect their fifth grade buddies.
Third grade students will learn that science can be fun and exciting.
Third grade and fifth grade students will develop a greater sense of family, caring and trust by participating in the buddy activity.
The materials needed for this activity depend on the science activities that are selected.
It is better to conduct this buddy activity in the 4th quarter. The buddies will have had three quarters to get to know each other and develop a bond as well as respect for each other. The Fifth grade students will have had three quarters to develop their science skills and become familiar with proper procedures with science experiments and presentations. Fifth grade students will need two to three weeks of preparation time to select an age appropriate science lesson as well as to develop the lesson plan, etc.