Eco-Project: What’s Wrong with the World? (And How Do We Fix It?)
Kay Granger Elementary School

Students work together to research an ecological issues and then specify solutions that families can take to address the issue. Teachers should be familiar with ecological issues, their causes and consequences. Curricular standards addressed include; research, writing a multi-paragraph essay, writing a persuasive essay, editing and revising, speaking and listening skills, and technology standards.

  • The student will learn to work cooperatively in a group to select an ecological issue, research the issue to determine its causes and effects then develop solutions for the issue.
  • The student will collaborate with their group to organize their research into an outline and create a persuasive wiki essay.
  • The student will collaborate with their group to create a presentation that utilizes technology to share their issue and solutions with other class members.
  • The student will develop a service project that addresses their issue and promote it to the group. As a class, we will vote on one project to carry out.
  • The student will reflect upon their learning and what behaviors they will change as a result of the project.
Computers with internet capabilities.
PBL Launch Mini lessons will be taught on the following subjects:
  • Reliable sources
  • Creating research notecards (including source notecards)
  • Cooperatively working together
  • Collaborative writing
    • Essay requirements
    • Avoiding plagiarism

  • Creating an outline
  • Introduction and instructions on wiki
  • Citing sources
  • Developing a service project
  • Presenting
  • Reflection In addition to teaching mini lessons, the teacher should actively monitor and assist students during research and development of their wiki 
  • The teacher should assess student progress at several formative checkpoints along the way.
  • Notecard check
  • Outline check
  • Reflection: the summative for this project is the final wiki (including essay and group work) and presentation.