Exploring Our Cultural Customs
Madison Park Elementary School

Students interview family members and research their cultural heritage and traditions. The purpose is to share their findings, knowledge, and experiences with classmates. Students are provided with a choice of formats to orally and visually present their information, including Show-and-Tell, PowerPoint, a poster, or an essay. Students discuss the importance of respecting diversity in the community while comparing and contrasting personal connections.

  • Students will inform classmates about their cultural customs and family traditions through research and formal presentations.
  • Students will compare/contrast and make personal connections.
  • Students will recognize and discuss the diversity within our school community and within our world.
  • Students will recognize and discuss the importance of respecting diversity
  • Handout of definitions and student assignment outline.
  • School computers equipped with PowerPoint software and audio 
  • Digital camera
  • SmartBoard 
  • Posters of Character Pillars (displayed on classroom walls for easy reference) 
  • Students supplied the realia (traditional clothing, props, photographs, etc.) and art materials (for posters)
  • Microphone 
  • Area to display student work
Discuss languages spoken at home and countries of heritage. Make related poster charts and bar graphs, and locate countries on a map. Introduce definitions: culture, custom, and ethnic. Discuss examples of each. Explain assignment and its purpose to inform classmates about the cultural traditions that are celebrated by students. Provide students with packet to complete during presentations. Provide students with a "stage" for presentation. Presenters will answer peer questions.

  1. Presentation Grading Scale 
  2. Evidence of listening and comprehension: completion of presentation packet 
  3. Reflection paragraph (My Feelings About the Cultural Customs Presentations) 
  4. Jeopardy-style game to review information presented