Enemy Pie
Mark Twain Elementary School

The purpose of this lesson is for the students to develop a sense of respect and responsibility of friendships.
This lesson has cross-curricular components as it lends itself to the following curricular areas: Social Studies, Communication Arts, and Math (using measurements to create a recipe).

Students will recognize the individual differences in others.
Students will distinguish the difference between an enemy and a friend.
Students will create a recipe which summarizes the character traits that are needed to be a friend.
Book – Enemy Pie by Derek Munson (2000, Chronicle Books)
Paper or recipe cards.
Teachers will discuss and compare with students the traits of a friend and an enemy.
Teachers will read the book Enemy Pie by Derek Munson and discuss the events during the reading.
Teachers will review with students the sequence of events and create a forum for discussion between the first and third grade buddies.
Buddy partners will create a recipe using standard measurements of ingredients and directions for making their own Enemy Pie.
Teachers will bind a cookbook of recipes for Enemy Pie.
Buddies will share with class their recipe.
Teacher will review recipes for appropriate ingredients.