Stand up for Your Beliefs
Pembroke Elementary School

This lesson encourages students to understand what bullying is, why it might happen, and what they can do when it does happen/to prevent it from happening, using MLK Jr. as a reference.

Students will build knowledge and strategies for how to stand up for others.
Students will learn about how to be a bystander and strategies to use.
Community Circle class lists
Printed copy of Afternoon Message
Morning Message written on chart paper or the board
Sticky notes
Definition of bystander and list of strategies for students to use
Share the afternoon message.
Encourage students to anonymously respond to questions by putting sticky notes on a chart.
Engage in a Community Circle.
Discuss courage, fairness, and what it means to be a bystander in a bullying situation.
Discuss bullying and strategies to prevent it or stop it.
When students return from the activity ask them to share what they learned from the dialogue in their community circle.