The Golden Rule: Do Unto Otters
Plattin Primary School

To help students understand the need to treat others they way they would like to be treated, students will listen to the read aloud Do Unto Otters: a Book about Manners by Laurie Keller (Henry Holt and Co. [BYR]; First Edition edition, 2007). Students will write on a T-chart the ways they would like to be treated and how they should treat others. Students will also write independently how they can treat others.

Students will determine how they would like to be treated and in turn understanding how they should treat others. Students will describe how they should treat others.
Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller
Access to show videos from the internet
chart paper
response sheets
1. Show the students the cover of the book and read the title. Tell them they are going to watch a preview of the book just like you do for a movie. Show the video, "Do Unto Otters Trailer"
2. Show this a couple of times since it is very short. Have the students predict what they think the book will be about. Ask the students what they see happening in it and who do they think the characters are.
3. After the students have made predictions, tell the students that this book title is very silly because there is a very old, wise saying that says, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Tell the students what that means and how the word others was changed to otters.
4. Read the book discuss what is happening in the story and get the students' feedback. When reading this book remind students of the original saying many times.
5. After reading create a T-chart with the headings, "I would like others to..." and "So I will..."
6. Ask students how would they would like to be treated. Write it on the chart and ask, "So we should treat others that way?" Ask another students using that previous student's example if he or she would like to be treated like that.
7. When writing the responses, write the student's name next to it to provide ownership and encourage more answers.
(Day 2 could start here if needed)
8. Show the YouTube video, "Do Unto Otters - Weston Woods" This has parts of the book animated.
9. Have students share with a partner how he or she would like to treat others.
10. Students will work independently to complete response sheet.
Teachers may conference with students to understand each students thoughts on treating others.