Caring for Our School's Family
Renfro Elementary School

Kindergarten and First Grade students will be wearing stickers with their name and their “Renfro Family” Name to assist them in finding their leader in the gym.
“Renfro Family” Leaders will have received a black and white support staff picture and construction paper in their mailboxes.

Students will identify ways to show caring for others. Students will learn about the jobs performed around their school. Students will express their gratitude to people who work in the school.
Black-and-white picture of a member of the support staff
Pen or marker
Colored pencils, markers or crayons
Talk about what “caring” means. How do people show they care about for one another at Renfro? Why is caring about others important?

Then, show the picture of the Renfro support staff person given to your “Renfro Family”. (There are 35 pictures of different support staff personnel one selected for each “Renfro Family”). Talk about the job that person does in our school. Tell stories or additional information about the support person that is appropriate to share with your family. Add to the conversation why it is important to tell others you appreciate them.

As a family, write a caring letter or thank you note to your selected support staff person to put on the wall under the picture of the Renfro person. A fourth grade student may write the letter. Each Renfro Family member can sign the bottom of the page.

Lastly, ask a student to return the note to a central teacher’s mailbox so that it can be displayed in the hallway under the laminated picture of each of our terrific support staff members. Tell students to look for their “Renfro Family” note on the wall and to look at and read others.