Character Counting
Trautwein Accelerated Elementary School

After reflecting on the many ways students have helped around their home, students will create individual number stories.  Stories will be created,  illustrated, and shared.

Students will formulate a math story that includes a number sentence using information from service activities done at home.
Chart paper, story paper, pencils, markers, crayons, math manipulatives.
Teacher gathers students on carpet. Teacher shares examples of ways that she helped her family as a child. Teacher writes and illustrates a number story for students on chart paper. Teacher invites students to share orally ways they have helped around their home. Teacher illustrates one of the students’ number stories on chart paper. Students are invited to go back to their table to create an individual number story. Students meet back on the carpet area to share their stories aloud. Stories are displayed in classroom or hallway.
Teachers can create a rubric to assess various skills exhibited in the lesson. These would include: punctuation, spelling, math skills, oral presentation skills.