Giving Away to Give Back – A Sweet Treat
Westwood Elementary School

In this lesson, students will discuss community workers and how their jobs better our community. Students will thank community members for their contributions by donating their Halloween candy, placing it in gift bags, decorating the gift bags, and writing thank you letters. Students will then board busses to deliver their gifts and personally thank community members for their service.

Students will identify leaders in our community.
Students will describe the roles of public officials.
Students will identify ordinary people who exemplify good citizenship.
Students will use simple maps to identify locations.
Students will write a letter to thank community members.
Students will donate their Halloween candy to learn about generosity.
Book: Franklin’s Halloween by Paulette Bourgeois (1996, Scholastic Paperbacks)
Writing paper for letters
Small white gift bags
Candy donations
Buses and drivers for your field trip
Read Franklin’s Halloween. Discuss why the main characters gave away part of their Halloween candy.
Brainstorm who in our community would appreciate a gift of Halloween candy.
Make a list of important community members.
Allow discussion for students to explore characteristics of community members and how their service helps us.
Make a class goal for candy donations.
Color and decorate gift bags as desired.
Place candy in gift bags.
Write thank you letters to community members.
Use a map program so students can plan routes to donation locations.
Visit community members, give them the candy gifts, and personally thank them for their dedication and service to our community. We called them first to make sure that it would be okay for us to come by.
Students can be assessed based on their participation during whole class discussions. Student’s ability to express their thanks in the form of letter writing is an additional assessment opportunity