Inspirations from Gandhi
South Brunswick High School

Students will work with a partner to create motivational poster based on famous quotes by Gandhi.

Students will be able to give examples of non-violent protests led by Gandhi, students will explain what makes Gandhi a man of character, students will develop teamwork skills by creating a motivational poster with a partner.
Poster Paper
Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils
Access to computer to look up items students are trying to draw.
Class will begin with a “Do Now” posted on the board for students to complete as they arrive in class.
Do Now: In your journals list five reasons why Gandhi is considered a man of character. What actions did Gandhi lead in his lifetime to support your reasons? After students have completed the “Do Now” students will discuss their answers with the class. Teachers should lead the discussion by asking, “What actions did Gandhi lead in his lifetime to be considered a man of character?” “What other leaders can we compare to Gandhi?” “How do you demonstrate kindness to others?” “Can you think of a time that you chose to demonstrate kindness to others/a stranger? How did you feel when you did this?” “Do you believe humans have a moral responsibility to be kind to others? Why or why not?”
After the discussion teachers should explain the plan for the day and have students find a partner.
Students are to work with their partner to create a motivational poster based on the words of Gandhi.
Students should be given 20-30 minutes to create their poster.
Once all of the groups have completed making their poster students should present their drawings to the class.
Class will conclude with a follow up discussion on character and how one can use these words of wisdom to do the right thing.
Journals will be collected and graded for detail and accuracy.
Class participation grades will be given based on student performance in their groups and during their presentations.