Fort Bend Independent School District

To accept anyone or anything, a person must first accept himself or herself. Sometimes people have a hard time recognizing the good in themselves; therefore, they are uncomfortable and do not know how to react to compliments. A compliment is a positive statement given to someone. When someone gives you a compliment, you should accept it by saying, “Thank you.”

Students will learn what it means to accept others and themselves.
Students will learn the importance of accepting people with different interests and personalities.
Students will learn about accepting change.
Students will learn why it's important to accept and obey rules, regulations, and laws.
Tell students: acceptance means respecting the differences among people.
Because people are different in so many ways, it is important to be
accepting of others.

Review the definition of acceptance.
Read: Today, we will be doing a group activity. I will give you a number from 1-4. (Issue each child a number like this, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on)
Direct each group to a given area by reading the following: All number ones gather here, all number twos meet here, number threes meet here, and all number fours gather here.
Observe students’ reactions, as some of them may not be in a group with their friends. Ask students how they feel about the group they have been assigned to. Explain that sometimes we have to accept working with people other than our friends. By working with other people, students practice acceptance. Thank students for their cooperation and ask them to return to their desks.

Review the definition of acceptance. The following is an attention getter to teach the students about accepting change.
Read: Starting tomorrow we are changing a rule. You will have to pay $1.00 to retrieve any materials left in your desk after class. Allow the students to voice their opinions regarding the new rule.
Read: Sometimes, things in life change, and we don’t have any control over the change. We have to accept changes by not whining or complaining. If you still need help accepting a change, talk to an adult about your feelings.

Review the definition of acceptance.
Read: We as citizens usually have to accept the laws of our country and state. These laws are made for our own protection. Drugs are illegal, but sometimes people break this law, which puts themselves and everyone around them in danger. How do you feel when people break this law?
Allow for class discussion.
Write a law that you think needs to be passed, and create a response to someone who finds it hard to accept this law.

Review the definition of acceptance.
Read: It is important to accept all people. Sometimes people gather together, forming gangs. Which causes trouble in different parts of a community or school. These groups think that because they are different from other groups they automatically have conflict with each other. Remember, acceptance means not rejecting others. To be accepted we must accept the differences in ourselves and other groups of people. Think of a time when you have when you have rejected someone or a group that was different from you—even if you didn’t do it on purpose. Write a letter to that person explaining why you are now willing to accept them.
How students react to the various types of change through their physical and verbal responses will tell you how ready they are to accept this lesson.