Success Folders
Richard Stockton Elementary School

Decades ago the famous basketball coach John Wooden developed a template for success which he called the “Pyramid of Success.” It was based upon the concept that success in life is based upon how hard a person is willing to work and adherence to basic moral values. We have modified this idea for the classroom and have created what we call “Success Folders.” A success folder is a portfolio of student work from throughout the year and a place of self-reflection. The ultimate goal is for students to develop intrinsic motivation as they think about their performance in school and what it took to be successful.

Students will reflect upon their actions and intentions relative to different moral and performance values
Students will demonstrate an understanding of different moral and performance values
1. Give an overview of John Wooden and the success of UCLA basketball in the 1960’s and 1970’s
2. Introduce students to the Pyramid of Success using the Pyramid of Success handout and the value definitions handout
3. How to use the Path to Personal Excellence handout:
-Think of the boxes inside of the Pyramid of Success as building blocks. The bottom level must be created before the top can be created. Each student must demonstrate an understanding of each value in the pyramid from bottom to top by completing a section of the Path to Personal Excellence handout. This is an ongoing process that takes most of the school year. Once a student has demonstrated they understand a value, they can color it in with any color that he or she chooses and then choose another value.
4. Once students have filled out a portion of the Path to Personal Excellence handout, they share it with their group or the class.
5. Keep important assignments that demonstrate student growth in the Success Folder so that students can reflect upon their performance.
Journal entries about particular values they have worked on.
Class discussion
One on one conference with students about their pyramid.