Other Helpful Links
Search through our links to other organizations to find just the resource you're looking for. We've provided short descriptions of what to expect on each website. Please note that while CEP has examined the websites of these organizations, this list does not represent any kind of endorsement, so please evaluate these resources objectively, considering your own needs and expectations. Some websites will be more up-to-date or offer more extensive information than others, but each one may have value for someone.

Community Involvement
Organizations that help parents and community members who want to get more involved in the character development of their children and the youth of the community. They also provide information for school officials looking to engage families and the whole community in building character in local youth.

Curriculum and Resources
Organizations offering resources for schools. This section is divided into character education materials and lesson plans, service-learning information, and programs addressing specific needs such as bullying or developing leadership skills.

Research and Higher Education
Doing research on the theory behind character education or its impact on student development and achievement? These organizations provide great resources for that purpose. Several teacher-training programs are also highlighted that encourage the incorporation of character education within the classroom.

Related Organizations
Organizations that share a focus of CEP, either by fostering and encouraging character development or by advocating for the inclusion of social, emotional, and character development concerns in legislative policies for education.

State Schools of Character Affiliates
Each state in our State Schools of Character program is sponsored by at least one local organization. Many of these organizations provide useful strategies and information for implementing character education within their state’s schools.

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