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CSED National Guidelines

Character.org published the National Guidelines for Character and Social-Emotional Development (CSED) to fuse together character and social-emotional development.

The CSED National Guidelines are an opportunity for states, school districts, and individual schools to adopt and use the most comprehensive framework that supports, nurtures, and fosters the whole child. These developmentally appropriate National Guidelines provide a roadmap for school leaders and teachers to help children and teens understand, care about, and consistently practice the SEL skills and character strengths that will enable them to flourish in school, in the workplace, and as citizens.

Character and Social-Emotional Development


The first section of the Guidelines identifies and explains the different character strengths within four areas of character development:

– Moral
– Performance
– Intellectual
– Civic


The second section of the Guidelines identifies and explains the five areas of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL):

– Self-awareness
– Self-management
– Social awareness
– Interpersonal/relationship skills
– Responsible & ethical decision-making