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National Schools of Character

Guidelines and Tips to Record your NSOC video for our Virtual Forum in October

Class of 2024 Digital Yearbook! 

For the first time ever, Character.org is creating a digital yearbook for the NSOC Class of 2024. 

We are asking your school to create a 90-second video about their school’s character journey.

In addition to our celebration yearbook, the videos will be posted to our social media channels.


  1. Video should be no longer than 90 seconds. It may be edited for time by Character.org if it goes over this time limit
  2. Video should be exported to .mp4 or .mov format
  3. Video can be from any member(s) of your school community, including students, parents, teachers, counselors, principal, other staff members (get parent/guardian permission for anyone under 18)
  4. Video should be a personal reflection, not a ‘thank you’
  5. Write a script and practice it before the final recording

    6. If you have your national banner please incorporate it into your video; have your speaker in front of the banner or have kids, staff, parents pictured with it. 

    Got Character.org t-shirts? Wear them in the video!!

    Email or share final video no later than Friday, September 27, 2024 to: john@character.org

Video ideas/thought starters:

* In what way has the school’s character journey changed the school? (personal reflection)
* Is there one core value that has really brought the school together?
* Is there one character practice (service learning, mentoring program) that deserves the spotlight?
* A student or staff reflection (what it means to attend a school that really emphasizes character)
* A parent reflection (what it means to send your child to a school that really emphasizes character)
* Is there one moment or event that shaped your character journey?
* How has your character work changed you as a person? As an educator? As a parent? As a student?
* One thing will I always remember about my school (related to character)


Video Recording Tips:

  1. If you are using a phone or iPad for recording, hold the device horizontally (landscape mode), not vertically
  2. Use the phone’s back camera (not in selfie mode)
  3. Set video resolution to 1080 HD or 4K
  4. Use a tripod or a steady surface to avoid a shaky video
  5. Use an external microphone if possible
  6. Lighting is very important! Soft, natural light is best for videos. Find a quiet place outside (morning or evening) if possible. A cloudy day is best to prevent squinting. If the video is done inside, pull lighting from different angles from the side to light up your subject’s face. Avoid overhead lighting, stand near a window (but not in front of) if possible and avoid shadows.
  7. Check the background when filming, avoid distractions like other people, phone notifications, barking dogs, traffic noise, etc.