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We collaborate and partner with organizations across the globe

We believe character is at the core of who we are – no matter where we live in the world.

virtual forum


Christine Ma-Lau is the Founder & Principal at JEMS Character Academy and Founder/Co-Chairperson at Character Education Foundation in Hong Kong.

During our Virtual Forum in October, Christine recorded an on-demand video about character education in Hong Kong. View an edited clip from her video on our YouTube channel.

Interested in learning more?

Here are some organizations that can help you get started:

Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue

A research-based Centre at the University of Birmingham (UK) that is committed to an interdisciplinary approach to character virtue development. Check out the Centre’s
Framework for Character Education in Schools


(United and Virtuous) delivers a character-based curriculum that helps young people across the world become future-ready. 

Global Peace Foundation

An international, non-sectarian organization that promotes an innovative values-based approach to peace building. 

Global Educational Excellence

Emphasizes character development and cultural awareness in all its GEE Academies. 

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Let’s learn together how to foster and develop our character strengths on a global level.