Be a “Bucket Filler”

Beverly Elementary School

  • All grades: A copy of Have you filled a Bucket Today? and a work sheet or materials to make a project or play a game.  (See lesson procedure and attached worksheets.)
  • K – 1: A copy of Rosie’s Roses by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole (Katherine Tegan Books, 2003), Bucket handout to color with letter to parents copied on the back, a plastic bucket, and colored hearts and stars.
  • 2 – 3: A copy of Glenna’s Seeds by Nancy Edwards (Child and Family Press, 2000), blank stars and hearts, and Pass it On worksheet.
  • 4 – 5: A copy of The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale by Claude Steiner (Jalmar Press, 1983) and small paper hearts, two googlie eyes per student, one pom-pom per student and either a small piece of tape or magnetic tape per student.