Immigration Simulation Day: A Day in the Life of an Immigrant at Ellis Island

Uthoff Valley Elementary School

12 volunteers
2 pens per station
tables (depending on how many students are participating)
4 different stamps or stickers for passports*
cruise ship horn sound effect downloaded from computer
siren from a party store (used for transitioning stations)
rubber gloves
plates (one for each student unless you are able to wash them)**
cups (one for each student unless you are able to wash them)**
bread (half a slice for each student)
milk (about 1 gallon per class)
bananas (half banana for each student)
Loyalty Oath
green card
letter form
American flag worksheet
markers, crayons or colored pencils
an AR book (silent reading book)
cardstock parchment paper (one piece per student)
gold seal sticker (one sticker per student)
*For authenticity, we ordered online 4 different rubber stamps (a cruise ship, “You Did It”, an American Flag, and a star) Instead of using stamps, you could use stickers of your choice.
**For authenticity, we ordered 30 tin plates and cups from a Civil War reenactments site.
Instead of tin plates and cups, you could use paper products.
*** For authenticity, we hand-made passports of cardstock parchment paper and placed a gold seal sticker on the front.